Cruising to Havana city has become a popular attraction in The Caribbean. Havana is a very exotic city where visitors can experience a sense of the past by driving through old historic buildings where classic American cars roam the streets. Touring in old cars is one of the most requested attractions in the city nowadays.

OldCarTours offers tours in classic cars from the Cruise Terminal in Havana, known as “Terminal Sierra Maestra”. Tourists are picked up near that location.

Currently the cars are not allowed to park right in front of the terminal entrance (located just in front of the San Francisco Square) so the cars and guides meet the tourists just in front of the Russian Orthodox Church (also known as “Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral”), easily identifiable by its golden domes, which is located on the left, very near the Cruise ship terminal. The distance from the main exit of the terminal to the church is about 300 meter or 1000 feet.

The driver or the guide will be waiting for all tourists with confirmed reservations holding a sign with their names written on it.

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Money exchange inside the terminal

For all the Cuban visitors it is mandatory to use the Cuban Currency known as CUC. Many tourists’ service inside the island must be paid in cash, with CUC. It is not common to find places where tourist can pay with credit/debit cards inside the island. So, once the visitors arrive to the island, they must exchange their money into CUCs.

OldCarTours services must be paid in cash CUC as well. We don’t have a way to receive money online or through credit card. There are small booths inside the terminal where tourists can exchange money into CUCs before their tour or before consuming other services in Cuba.

Exchange rates vary according to the currency. Generally Euros has better rate than USD. Today (Jan 2018) exchange rate is around 1 USD = 0.97 CUC. This rate may change according to the location; it means that terminals, banks and hotels sometimes have different rates.